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Effective Communication, Editorial and Media Strategy

Communications strategy

Designing and implementing tailor-made communications strategies for both public entities and private enterprises.

These include crafting a communications message, targeting audiences and reaching out to media organizations.

Our services include specialized tools like public speaking, opinion pieces and blogging to support our communications campaigns.

Editorial and media services

From book publishing to speechwriting, Kyklos Associates offers a wide range of editorial services for businesses and organizations.

The company can help develop corporate brochures and videos, newsletters and magazines, and produce content across media platforms: from online to traditional ink-and-paper projects.

We are particularly attuned to the challenges of adapting a local message to an international audience and for the global market.

Media & Public speaking training

Through years of experience with international media outlets we have developed the expertise to provide media training for individuals and corporations.

Our expertise includes training company executives in public speaking, media interviews and crisis communications.

Our 6-D Process



Your project.



Let us know what you need.



We’ll design exactly what you want.



We’ll develop your idea and we’ll do our suggestion to make the best out of it.



 We’ll bring it  into effective action.


We’ll deliver your project on time and we’ll be here for you anytime.

Why Choose Us?

We design and implement communications strategies for our clients – whether businesses, public entities, or individuals — through a variety of communications tools and media outreach services, customized to their needs.

Our wide range of experience in business, politics and media, gives us a unique, 360° perspective and the ability to deliver innovative and specialized communications strategies and solutions.

Live chat support services allow website visitors to have text-based conversations with support teams via the web.


Whether for a business or an individual, Kyklos Associates offers its clients comprehensive communications solutions. We pride ourselves on our personal touch, our commitment to international standards, and customizing our services to fit our clients’ needs.

 Kyklos Associates can provide you with a full range of communications and outreach services to bring your message to the world.

Kyklos Associates can provide you with a full range of communications and outreach services to bring your message to the world.

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